Rent Our Venue!The Perfect Place for Small Events

Are you looking for a place for a small event? Perhaps a communion, a baptism, a corporate presentation or a bridal shower? We have you covered! Our venue, available for rental, has a beautiful and elegant dining room, water view and plenty of natural light!

We also offer a full bar, TV screens and Bluetooth speakers to enhance the atmosphere, if necessary. Our catering service is also available. And to accommodate you even more, we also have a parking lot! You can enjoy our venue for only $500 (plus taxes) for eight-hour slots.

Atelier Table Rouge also offers
Tasty Activities for All

Cooking Classes
Cooking for All

Classes start at $85 (plus taxes) and with our vast selection of courses from pasta and sushi to pastry and even gluten-free options, there is sure to be a class to catch your interest.

Team Building

Our Team Building programs are
designed to enhance not only the bonds between the team members, but also
as memorable experiences.

Kids Classes
Play & Enjoy

We use age-specific ideas to help your little chef succeed in the kitchen. Involving kids in preparing meals teaches them food skills and the importance of healthy eating.

In a Nutshell
A modern venue with scenic views and plenty of natural light creating a bright and cozy atmosphere, ideal for celebrating special occasions.

Let your senses guide you towards your next culinary experience.

Your Inner Chef

Montreal’s premiere cooking events are ready to transform you into the star of your kitchen.